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Date Candidate Mechanism of action Indication Route Modality Development stage Note
01/16/20 GEM141 Esophageal implant (See note) Pediatric esophageal atresia and other conditions that affect the esophagus Implant (auto- logous) Cell therapy IND ready Esophageal implant made by combining a novel cell therapy platform (see TGEM38) with a patient’s own cells (haematopoietic stem and precursor cells). GEM141 leverages the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself as it is a “living tube” that facilitates regeneration of esophageal tissue and triggers a positive host response resulting in a tissue-engineered neo-conduit that restores continuity of the esophagus. These implants have the potential to dramatically improve the quality of life for children and adults Contact
01/08/20 GEM140 Limbal stem cells Intractable limbal stem cell deficiency Implan- tation Cell therapy Clinical Establishment and production of limbus-derived epithelial cell plate manufacturing process in GMP facility with excellent economic feasibility.
Phase 1 study is currently in progress.
01/08/20 GEM139 Staphylococcus aureus vaccine Staphylococcus aureus infection s.c. Vaccine Preclinical The vaccine comprising antigens and toxin is being developed. The candidate antigens to block the immune-evasion pathway by MSCRAMMs and toxin of S. aureus have already been defined. Contact
12/24/19 GEM138 Biosimilar adalimumab Same indications as adalimumab i.v. Antibody Preclinical Purified GEM138 is highly similar to ranibizumab by SDS-PAGE. GEM138 and adalimumab show a similar response in a TNF-a ELISA assay. Plant-based technology (TGEM036) was applied for production of GEM138. Contact
12/24/19 GEM137 Biosimilar ranibizumab Same indications as ranibizumab intra- vetreal Antibody Preclinical Peptide mapping by Mass Spectrometry confirms amino acid sequence identity of GEM137 with ranibizumab. Purified GEM137 is highly similar to ranibizumab by SDS-PAGE. Ligand (rVEGF) biding by GEM137 demonstrated to be similar to ranibizumab by ELISA. Plant-based technology (TGEM036) was applied for production of GEM137. Contact
12/24/19 GEM136 Biosimilar trastuzumab Same indications as trastuzumab i.v. Antibody Preclinical GEM136 N-terminal sequences are identical to trastuzumab. Levels of contaminating proteins, profiles of breakdown products and inhibitory activity to trastuzumab on in vitro growth of hER2 positive breast cancer cell line are similar between GEM136 and trastuzumab. Plant-based technology (TGEM036) was applied for production of GEM136. Contact
12/20/19 GEM135 Inhibition of proteasome via novel target Multiple tumors i.v., i.p. and Oral Small molecule Preclinical Novel target different from that for all the commercially available proteasome inhibitors. Works against many cancer cell lines tested including bortezomib, cisplatin and paclitaxel resistant cell lines. Significant therapeutic window between cancer and normal cells. Favorable toxicity profile. Regressed tumor growth and prolonged survival on syngeneic and xenograft mouse models. Expected to be effective against solid tumors without off target effects and peripheral neuropathy. Two lead compounds are being developed. Contact
12/06/19 GEM134 Anti-CD147 antibody Hematological (AML, MM etc)and solid tumors(liver, colon, lung etc) i.v. Antibody Preclinical Fully human antibody binding to human/ cynomolgus CD147.
Has been shown to be very effective in various types of cancers in vivo xenograft mouse model.
ADCC activity mainly contributes to the anti-tumor effect.
11/29/19 GEM058 Increase cellular ATP and promote wound healing Diabetes foot ulcer Topical Small molecules Phase 2 completed Reducing inflammation of endothelial cells of blood vessels.
Increasing cellular ATP and speeding up the healing of wounds by promoting the migration of epithelia cells in the skin of wounds. The arrangement of actin which is essential for cell migration is ATP dependent.
Applicable to all kind of wound and low cost treatment
11/25/19 GEM133 Myocardial protection by cardiac arrest temporally Open heart surgery Intra- coronary infusion Others
Launched GEM133 is a novel warm cardioplegic solution which in mixture with patient's oxygenated blood can produce effective and sustained cardiac arrest by a single dose 400ml. In addition, it has the following advantages; virtually unlimited aortic cross-clamp time, unassisted resumption of the cardiac rhythm, no ischemic and /or reperfusion injury, no need for cardiotonic support in the immediate postopertaive period. Contact