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Date Candidate Mechanism of action Indication Route Modality Development stage Note
01/13/21 GEM239 Activation of Treg and downregulating pro-inflammatory cytokines Psoriasis, Psoriatic arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn's and colitis Oral Small molecule Human POC completed Microbiomes are important for regulating human immune systems. GEM239 is a small molecule known as a gut microbial metabolite. It downregulates pro-inflammatory cytokines, and promotes differentiation of anti-inflammatory Treg cells. Human POC study in small number of psoriasis patients has been done and significant treatment effects have been seen. FDA IND approved. Clinical trial starting in 30 patients. Formulation-science has been applied. Contact
01/06/21 GEM238 CSN5 inhibitor Cancer i.v. Peptide Preclinical - Identifying CDK2 binding regions within the CSN5 protein
- Specifically inhibits the binding between CSN5 and CDK2 in "small complex" that is specifically expressed in cancer cells.
- It is possible to specifically inhibit the growth of cancer cells while suppressing the effect on normal cells.
01/04/21 GEM237 Autologous chondrocyte cell therapy for cartilage repair/regeneration Chondral and osteochondral articular lesions of the knee Arthro- scopic implan- tation Cell and scaffold Launch The autologous cartilage repair system (a device kit consisting of a bioabsorbable highly porous scaffold and an enzyme for processing removed a small amount of cartilage) is for one-step surgery. It does not require an ex vivo cell expansion process. Hyaline cartilage is regenerated and long-term effectiveness is superior to the marrow stimulation procedure.
12/25/20 GEM236 Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT) inhibitor Hematological (AML, ALL, lymphoma, MM) and some solid tumors (sarcoma, kidney, melanoma. etc) Oral Small molecule Phase 1/2a -NAMPT is critical for the growth/survival of hematological cancers.
-Synthetic small molecule structurally unrelated to NAMPT substrate or known inhibitors. -will be the First-In-Class drug.
-Favorable pharmacological and toxicological profiles, showed no ophthalmic toxicity.
-May increase susceptibility to other targeted cancer drugs (BCL-2, PARP, tyrosine kinase, proteasome, and HDAC inhibitors, anti-PD-1 antibodies) and DNA-damaging chemo/radiotherapy. Synergizes with tumor-specific mutations (IDH1/2, PPM1D, DNA repair deficiency).
-Phase I study, which is near completion, demonstrated favorable toxicology profile with myeloid cells dose-limiting toxicity and signs of efficacy seen in several patients.
12/25/20 GEM235 Mineral sunscreen powder Sunscreen Topical Natural ingredient Commecial GEM235 is an easy-to-use brush applicator, filled with an effective mineral powder with SPF 50. The 100% natural formula makes GEM235 safe to use on rash-prone skin, eczema, allergy-prone skin and sensitive skin. Contact
12/21/20 GEM234 Crosstalk of TGF-β signal and Wnt/β-catenin signal Liver fibrosis, Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, Kidney fibrosis, Renal fibrosis, Liver cancer, COVID-19 Injection Small molecule Preclinical GEM234 is a novel small molecular which has suppressive effects on both hepatic stellate cell activation and kidney and liver fibrosis by suppressing TGF-β/Smad pathway via inhibition effect of Wnt/β-catenin pathway. GEM234 shows a higher suppressive effect on liver cancer stem cells than 5-FU.
Wnt/β catenin inhibitors can block the infection of SARS-Cov-2, and GEM234 has potential to prevent occurrence of ARDS and cardiovascular damage in COVID-19.
12/21/20 GEM062 Anandamide(AEA)-releasing topical formulation (sustained release for about 24 hours) Cutaneous Lupus, (and other autoimmune/ inflammatory skin conditions) Topical Small molecule
Preclinical Tissue imaging to demonstrate efficient penetration and controlled release of AEA from
AEA-loaded GEM062. Efficacy of AEA-loaded GEM062 in treating
cutaneous lesions in murine model of CLE has been demonstrated.
12/21/20 GEM092 Androgen receptor agonist Hypogonadism Oral (BID) Small molecule
Received FDA tentative approval A novel oral prodrug of testosterone that is designed to help restore normal testosterone levels in hypogonadal men. GEM092 was well tolerated and met the primary end-points in Phase 3 testing with twice daily dosing. Easy to use for patients and physicians to prescribe due to fixed doing regimen. Contact
12/04/20 GEM233 Inhibition of pro-cytokines, enhancement of growth factor PDGF Diabetic foot and leg ulcers Topical Botanical Phase 2 completed -Small molecules from soybean extract.
-MOA facilitates multiple phases at molecular levels of wound healing processes.
-Effective in STZ induced diabetic wound model and cell migration quality control.
-In Phase 2 study, ulcer complete closure rate up to 12 weeks is 32.7% in GEM233 group vs 15.4% in placebo group. Subjects in the GEM233 group had an average of 73±2.9 days to achieve ≥ 90% reduction in target ulcer size.
11/27/20 GEM232 Anti-soluble MICA/MICB antibody Prostate Cancers (mCRPC), other cancers i.v. Antibody
Preclinical - GEM232 is a humanized antibody specific for soluble NKG2D ligands MICA and MICB, which are multi-mechanistic suppressors of the immune system that become upregulated in cancer but are normally absent.
- GEM232 binds non-membrane bound MICA/B (shed/soluble forms) but not cell surface attached versions, thereby offering safety benefits such as avoiding autoimmunity.
- Antibody binding may help prevent immunosuppression and may enhance NK and CD8+ T cell activation mediated by the NKG2D receptor leading to tumor cell killing. Both arms of immune system (innate and adaptive) can be impacted.
- Significant tumor inhibition demonstrated using prostate xenografts in both immune compromised mice and in mice with humanized immune systems (hPBMC), with no observable toxicity. A unique epitope has been identified for this high affinity antibody.